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examples with kafka

  1. CICD Pipeline example with PCF Cloud Foundry
  2. Docker Container - simple kafka example
  3. Lenses Container - Kafka Dashboard, create topics, produce messages, consumers, connectors, REST, Schema Registry
  4. Conduktor - Local Kafka Cluster Example Dashboard, create topics, produce messages, consumers
  5. Confluent Control Center docker - Local Cluster, Create Topics, Produce messages, consumers
  6. Apache Camel Kafka Springboot - local cluster, consumer, maven springboot project

AI For High School and Middle Schoolers 



IInSpiritAI 1:1 Mentorship




Use chatGPT to enhance your resume

Start by building a resume 


great mentorship  for anyone with startup ideas, and Iinvesting - it's mostly Indian investors and Indian mentors 


checkout MIT Beaverworks summer shop for AI










What is the role of a mentor?
A good mentor can provide both technical
advising and more general support. For
example, they can provide guidance on how
to better communicate technical ideas, or
they can direct interns to available
Laboratory resources.

Note that a mentor’s technical area of
expertise does not need to perfectly align
with a team’s idea or concept. In some
cases, technical guidance may be needed.
However, in other cases, a team may simply
be looking for someone to help lead them in
the right direction!

How much of a time dedication
would it be?

Ideally, mentors should meet with students
at least once a week and be available via
email. Mentors are expected to attend an
initial training workshop and the main
competition events






* Education

* Online Workshops

* Training

* Standardized Exam Admin - AP Exam, SAT, ACT, PSAT, NMSQT
* CAHSEE Exam (former) - Writing Section, Essays
* Huntington Learning Center - hire and train Center Director
* Huntington Learning Center - franchisee training completed for center operation, financing, *hiring and training



Platform Engineering




DevOps Group 


This is a free video and afterwards Confluent gives you a Certification for "Fundamentals of Confluent Kafka"
Additional Confluent videos, trainings
2. Google Cloud Platform

Try Snowflake for Python for Free
Test drive the Snowflake platform with our 30-day free trial. Learn how to build applications with python in 10 minutes!
Start now »


[May 17 Hands-on Lab] From Zero to Snowflake in 90 minutes
Tired of demos? Join our Zero to Snowflake hands-on lab where an instructor will lead you step-by-step on how to navigate the Snowflake interface and introduce you to some of our core capabilities.

4. Udemy courses
These are pretty affordable - about $15 for learning AWS, or Python, or just about anything
5. Linked-in Learning

Mars Science Laboratory 


The Mars Science Laboratory is managed for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Washington, D.C., by JPL, a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. At NASA Headquarters, David Lavery is the Mars Science Laboratory program executive and Michael Meyer is program scientist. In Pasadena, Jim Erickson of JPL is project manager, a role fulfilled earlier by JPL’s Peter Theisinger and Richard Cook, and John Grotzinger of Caltech is project scientist.


For more information about MSL/Curiosity, go to:


MIT Lincoln Lab

 US Antarctic Project 



The U.S. Antarctic Program deploys roughly 3,000 people to Antarctica every year, mostly during the austral summer from October through February. These participants include: scientists who conduct research; support staff who operate and maintain the U.S. research stations and vessels; members of the military and other federal agencies; artists and writers who use art to broaden public awareness of Antarctica; and members of the media who report on Antarctic science.




Quantum Computing

Linked In - Entangled Discussions


Amazon Braket

Accelerate quantum computing research


MIT Lincoln Laboratory



Make Your Voice Heard With NSBA!
Make Your Voice Heard With NSBA!
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Latest Resume
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