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These are completed projects from leading clients in Silicon Valley:

 Innovative IT, 2020

Kafka DevOps, AWS Cloud DevOps


  • AWS Lambda Function, AWS S3, AWS EC2, AWS RDS, AWS SQS, AWS Serverless deployment
  • Kafka Security, Kafka encryption = configure encryption on kafka topics
  • Java Builds, gradle , maven = build/release engineering with maven and gradle
  • Postgres, database administration, sql scripts
  • Microservices = deploy microservices in OCP
  • Apigee = configure apiproxies for microservices and apikeys, configure deployment of REST api proxies
  • OCP deployment and administration, Ansible, Jenkinsfile, Groovy
  • Test Automation : JMeter, Junit, Jacoco, Smoke Test, Performance Test automation


Kafka And Monitoring

  • Create kafka topics, perform replication – ensure replication of schema registry and topics
  • Automate deployment of kafka
  • Administer, monitor kafka with Elasticsearch and confluent control center for performance and kafka related stats
  • AWS , Docker, Monitoring, Cloud Admin, Ansible, Terraform
  • Bash and python scripts for monitoring, alerting, Nagios check_mk, Kafka, and OpenStack services
  • Adding inventory and decommissioning C-Series and B-Series servers in OpenStack Service Cloud
  • Installing service assurance client to management nodes, nova nodes, and puppet master for monitoring
  • Environment: Python, OpenStack, Ceph Storage, SolidFire NetApp Storage API, RESTApi, Ansible, Nagios, check_mk, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Grafana, collectd
  • AWS Cloud deployment and monitoring, Ansible

Google Cloud Services, 2019


  • gcloud docker, gcloud container kubectl api for deployment , GCP CLI (
  • Cloud Services and Cloud Operations, Kuberneter, GCP, Google Cloud SDK
  • Cloud Automation, Google Cloud Deployments and CI/CD
  • Firebase CLI , ReST API, Node.js, javascript and python scripting to access production
  • Firebase Database , gcloud API, compute engine, Google Cloud TPUs, kubernetes and docker

Xavient = , 2017

client = MUFG UnionBank of Los Angeles

How to use xcodebuild
Example of iOS build
iOS Builds.doc
Microsoft Word document [42.0 KB]
Jenkins Plugins: Android Lint
Example of Jenkins Configuration with Android Lint
Microsoft Word document [230.5 KB]
How to do Disaster Recovery for BitBucket
Based on Atlassian Documentation:
Microsoft Word document [27.5 KB]
How to do backup and restore of Nexus
Based on Documentation at:
Microsoft Word document [32.0 KB]
How to backup and restore JIRA
Based on Atlassian Documentation at :
Microsoft Word document [31.5 KB]
Disaster Recovery for Confluence
Based on Atlassian documentation at:
Implementation Plan for Confluence Disas[...]
Microsoft Word document [28.0 KB]
Migrate from Stash to Git/BitBucket
Example = migrating Android repository from Stash to BitBucket
Microsoft Word document [94.5 KB]
  • Test vocera Servers, SIP Telephony Gateways, Client Gateways, jetty server
  • Test Automation for : Web Services, SOA, Jetty Server
  • SAN Certification Test Plan, API Tests for Call Processing with CUCM
  • Test Devices for connectivity : Android Devices, iPhone, Cisco IP Phone, Motorola

            phone, smartphones, Samsung Galaxy

  • Test Vocera Collaboration Suite, Vocera Connect apps downloaded from Google

            PlayStore and iOS App Store

  • Installer testing , SSL Testing , Upgrade with Windows 2003, 2008, 2012
  • Nuance Vocalizer Text-to-speech



CUCM, IP Call Routing, SIP Telephony Gateway, Nuance Vocalizer, Mobile Devices, Android devices, iOS devices, VOIP Features, Voice-Over-IP Protocols and Stack, java, Jetty, WebServices

Cisco Systems   - , 2015-16, 2018-19

Automation With Docker
How to Automate with Docker
Microsoft Word document [26.0 KB]
OpenStack and CloudFoundry Solution
OpenStack tools: glance, nova, neutron, bosh

CloudFoundry cli
Microsoft Word document [41.0 KB]
Deploy to AWS Environments
AWS Deployment
Microsoft Word document [213.1 KB]
Gradle For Java Builds
How to do java builds with Gradle
Adobe Acrobat document [9.3 MB]
Simple GIT Commands
Examples of GIT Commands
How to commit changes to git.doc
Microsoft Word document [28.5 KB]
About OpenStack Enterprise Cloud Solution
How to configure PaaS with OpenStack
Adobe Acrobat document [3.8 MB]
OpenStack Collectd Plugin -- cinder
Openstack collectd plugin in python
Text document [1.9 KB]
OpenStack Collectd Plugin -- nova
openstack collectd plugin nova
Text document [2.9 KB]
Helpful Subversion Commands
Example of SVN Commands
Adobe Acrobat document [292.5 KB]

APPLE (www. , 2016

How TO Use Jenkins Shelve Plugin
For Managing Jenkins Space
Microsoft Word document [365.0 KB]
Example of Cron Jobs
Examples of cron jobs configured
Text document [46.6 KB]
Git command examples
Adobe Acrobat document [368.9 KB]
Project : JIRA Installation
Based on Atlassian Documentation at :
JIRA Installation.doc
Microsoft Word document [32.5 KB]
Script to Cleanup Artifactory
Example of script that uses REST API to cleanup old artifacts
Text document [5.3 KB]
Example of Perforce Commands
Perforce cli
Adobe Acrobat document [385.7 KB]
xcodebuild and xcrun
iOS builds: Jenkins Plugins, codesigning, xcodebuild, and xcrun
iOS Builds_KT.doc
Microsoft Word document [249.0 KB]
Openstack Collectd Plugin -- nova
Collectd plugin for collecting hypervisor stats
Text document [2.9 KB]
OpenStack Collectd Plugin -- cinder
Text document [1.9 KB]




Q: What is HTTP Event Collector?

The Splunk HTTP Event collector is really pretty straight forward and you can find a lot of documentation online that would explain how it works much better than I can.  It’s just an alternate way of getting data into Splunk rather than the usual means (forwarder).  It’s basically just a listener that accepts raw or JSON data and sends it along to an index.




  1. What is kafka-splunk-connect?

Splunk Connect for Kafka is a Kafka Connect Sink for Splunk with the following features:


  1. How do we install it ?

For Installation, we Need access to :

  • Kafka hosts that need to be monitored
  • SPLUNK DEV-STL instance access
  • file
  • bootstrap.servers and plugin.path
  • which is available for download



Q: Which SPLUNK instance is used for monitoring ?

access to any data for this POC will be through the MSE dev instance:


Q: What do we set values for “bootstrap.servers” and “plugin.path” in file?

bootstrap.servers = kafka broker

plugin.path =  install directory of your Kafka Connect Sink and Source Connectors = place the jar file here for installation




Q: Where do we install the connector jar ?

the jar needs to be installed and configured on the Kafka host(s) per the instructions on Splunk/Github

Place the jar under “plugin.path” directory


Q: How do we start the connector?

.$KAFKA_HOME/bin/ $KAFKA_HOME/config/


Q: How do we create connector task?

Run the following curl command for host = nc3-001b-ixb-sp and port = 8088 and below token


curl localhost:8083/connectors -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{

    "name": "kafka-connect-splunk",

    "config": {

      "connector.class": "com.splunk.kafka.connect.SplunkSinkConnector",

      "tasks.max": "3",

      "splunk.indexes": "kafka",

      "topics":"Kafka Control Metrics Reporter",

      "splunk.hec.uri": "xxxxxx:8088",

      "splunk.hec.token": "ff7810ff-7cd2-4756-876b-58bc119b3286"





Intuitive Surgical, 2017


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